ECE Professionals from 81 Nations
Convene in San Juan!

2014 World Forum on Early Care and Education

The 2014 World Forum on Early Care and Education was a great success! In attendance were 841 early childhood professionals from 81 nations from Afghanistan to Argentina, from Myranmar to Montenegro, from China to Colombia. Delegates had a wide range of experiences. They….

  • Networked with 841 early childhood advocates from diverse professions from 81 countries across the globe
  • Were provoked to take action through plenary presentations on world issues, including climate change, immigration, child rights, poverty, post-2015 Millennium Development Goals
  • Were inspired by program presentations about great and important work that is being done now
  • Joined WoFoNet, the newly launched World Forum Foundation web-based professional network
  • Toured early childhood programs and cultural centers near San Juan to learn about early childhood in Puerto Rico
  • Engaged in dialogue formally in sessions and informally during breaks, meals, and exercise
  • Sang the new World Forum song, danced to songs from 30 nations, and enjoyed delegate performances
  • Played with blocks and with technology
  • Created memories and memory books
  • Built amazing structures with building blocks
  • Developed relationships that will last a lifetime

Watch for announcements regarding reports, videos, and presentation materials from the 2014 World Forum.

View the press release about the 2014 World Forum.

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