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Hands-on Design Challenges Await You!

ICRI Center

Imagine you have a location with no access to running water or electricity, where weather conditions can vary greatly from extreme heat to heavy rains. Your challenge is to design a multi service child and family center for the people in this community. The center you design must include early childhood programs, child and family health provisions, nurse/midwives, culturally appropriate cooking facilities, a teacher training space and a child protection office and program.

This is not just your imagination, though. This is just one of the real-world, practical challenges that participants in the Working Forum on Design and Nature will tackle when we gather as an eclectic group of early childhood educators, policy makers, architects, landscape architects, and environmental advocates in Rotorua, New Zealand, this March 11-14.

Please join Ghanaian architect Kwame Danso and many others as we collaborate on creating space and design that can save the lives of children, improve the health of thousands in the area and nurture the growth of the next generation of leaders in Ghana and elsewhere.
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Forest School Movement Expands in Winnipeg, Canada

Discovery Center child roasts hot dogs

Ron Blatz, Executive Director of Discovery Children’s Centre, Inc. in Winnipeg, Canada, has announced their intention to open a “Nature/Forest Nursery School” for four-year olds in the coming …
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